In the heartland of America, thousands of DNA samples arrive in Ohio from across the United States and around the world for state-of-the-art DNA processing in our advanced laboratory staffed with leading scientists in the field of genetic identity testing.

Every year, we process and analyze close to one million samples sent from all over the world. We are the trusted laboratory for government agencies, legal professionals, and healthcare practitioners as well as the choice for major media programs such Maury, Dr. Phil, and Paternity Court as well as high-profile celebrity cases that require an added layer of security. For over 20 years, the scientists at DDC have been generating timely, reliable, and confidential DNA test results that change lives for the better.

DDC Dual Process™

DDC is the only company that runs every paternity DNA sample twice to ensure the right result. When the swabs arrive in our lab, we record their arrival and immediately divide them into two to start our proprietary process. Independent teams perform two separate tests. At each step, the samples are tracked, identified, and checked against our records, and a staff member signs off at each point. Our use of robots in most of the sample preparation steps eliminates the possibility of human error such as sample switching and/or cross-contamination. Laboratory Directors, who are PhD’s, review the raw data produced from the independent tests and verify that the results match. The necessary statistical calculations are then performed to answer the question of paternity, identity, and family relationship. DDC is the only paternity testing lab to use a complete parallel testing process that rules out false results. The AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) honored DDC with its “Commendable Practice Award” as the first lab to implement Dual Process™ for quality testing.

Advanced Technology

Accurately processing thousands of DNA samples daily requires the use of automated precision instrumentation. The DDC laboratory uses Biomek® FXp and Biomek® 4000 systems to purify and prepare the samples before the actual DNA test. Our state-of-the-art robotic technology allows us to automate the liquid handling and sample preparation steps eliminating a manual procedure that could cause sample mix-ups and cross-contamination.

Early in its history, DDC invested in technology that used the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that revolutionized the DNA testing industry by providing a quick method for reproducing specific portions of a DNA molecule for subsequent analysis. We have further refined and customized our methods to provide seamless and faster sample processing using the GeneAmp® PCR System 9700 especially for paternity and forensics applications.

Our laboratory is equipped with ABI Prism® genetic analyzers to process the large volume of cases we receive every day. These instruments perform one of the most essential steps in DNA testing – capillary electrophoresis analysis. In this step, DNA molecules produced from the polymerase chain reaction are examined to determine characteristics such as size or sequence (the arrangement of DNA molecules in a DNA strand). The ABI Prism® generates the raw data that is needed for statistical calculations that determine identity.

To see the inner workings of DDC’s highly accredited laboratory, take the video tour.